Thursday, October 22, 2009

Energiprojekt LTD - Powerplants, CHP, heat, steam,

Energiprojekt LTD - Powerplants, CHP, heat, steam,: "We Manufacture and Sell Bio-Mass Power Plants for Production of Electricity, Steam and Hot Water."

Got this link through a Google ad. Need to read more about Energiprojekt Ab in a short while. Learning more from their website.

Energiprojekt i Sverige AB is a Turn-Key Producer of Steam Power Plants.

Our company is based in Sweden and has sales agents in a number of countries.

During our 25 years in business, we have built and delivered power plants based Steam Power.

Our focus is to build hot water Power Plants, CHP Plants and Steam Power Plants for Process Industries, Saw Mills, District Heating Systems or Rural Electrification Systems etc.

The electric output is in the range of up to 3MW. Multiple units can be installed next to each others if the need of power is more than 3 MW.

Our CHP Plants are typically up to 3 MW of electric power and up to 10 MW of heat power.

Helge: What's your technology for electricity generation?

Together with our main partner Peder Halvorsen Industrier AS we offer the most flexible power-generating solution on the market today.
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