Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nordautomation and Outokumpu in Roxby Down

map_of_australia Roxby Downs is a mining town located in northern South Australia. Nordautomation and Outokumpu delivered mining technology to this town in 1980’s.

The town was purpose built to service the Olympic Dam mine which  contains one of the largest known ore bodies in the world today. 

The Olympic Dam mine is owned by BHP Billiton, the mine produces  copper, uranium, silver and gold.

Mr. Juhani Forsström informed me today about a collaborative project in Roxby Down. It is a unique town with a residential population of  around 4,500 with an average age of 29 years.

-  Wow! These people are young compared to the average age in Sotkamo!

It has one of the highest birth rates in Australia.  With a lifestyle  that is the envy of many, Roxby Downs is truly a unique destination  and a place full of opportunity.

- I knew that mining is a lucrative business for Australia, but never realized how "young and affluent” these communities were.

At you are able to discover a site full of  information and hundreds of contacts for sporting groups  and facilities, community groups and businesses, a Business  and Services Directory, plus much more information. The site is divided into pages, including Roxby Council, Roxby  Water, Roxby Power and Community and a Local Business &  Services Directory for ease of navigation.  The site can also  be searched by using the search function at the top of each page.

The Olympic Dam mine is owned by BHP Billiton, the mine produces copper, uranium, silver and gold.

- No wonder that this is a small and affluent community. I need to talk about this with my brother during our next Skype session ;)

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