Monday, March 25, 2013

The Saimatec Biomass Drying System

I was reading Ekogen Uutiset this morning and stumbled upon a blog posting mentioning Managing Director Heikki Rasimus Saimatec Biomass Drying System presentation. The below described innovation promises to decrease the problem of biomass feeding.  My intention was to learn more about the Taivalsaari Ekogen CHP Pilot Plant producing 600 MWh electricity and 2 000 MWh heat.

  • heat produced by pellets and later transformed to wood chips (300 kW)
  • electricity produced by microturbine (100 kW)
  • power and heat for 50 – 100 households

The new biomass drying system is based on Saimatec’s long-term knowledge and technology for bulk material handling in Pulp & Paper industry.
The vertical silo type dryer is suitable for different types of biomass, for example:

  • wood bark
  • wood chips all varieties
  • sawdust mixed in other materials
  • sludge mixed with biomass.

System is a self-contained unit, including in-feed silo and out-feed equipment as well as automation. The drying process is controlled in a way that leads to good energy efficiency. Drying energy may be received from different heat sources such as:

  • Connection to other processes
  • CHP plants
  • District heating plants
  • Industrial power plants
  • Independent combustion gas generators
  • Hot air generators
  • Steam generators, etc


Source: Saimatec Engineering, Savonlinna, Finland (2013)

More information to be obtained from Heikki Rasimus:

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