Monday, April 21, 2014

Information Mobility Means Business Opportunity - Ricoh Managed Document Services

Information Mobility Means Business Opportunity - Ricoh Managed Document Services

For most people, the term information mobility implies smartphones or tablets; but for the modern enterprise, information mobility means much more than that.


Information mobility is really about information in motion – how information is captured and transformed; how the right information is found and shared across the enterprise, and ultimately, how it is used productively to better business outcomes.

Information mobility includes new technologies revolutionizing the way people collaborate and connect, changes in information management process, as well as workstyle innovations in a continually evolving workforce.


But how does information mobility impact your relationship with your buyer, the consumer of your goods and services?
I think we can all agree there is more information available today online, especially opinions and experiences concerning your products and services. Today’s buyer is a more self-directed consumer of online information. (Check out this animation on the buyer’s highly focused, always connected information gathering.) As businesses, we are increasingly challenged to serve these information needs of our customers.


And let’s not forget the role of the customer-facing resources in our organization. Worse than customer service or sales not having the information they need is for customers to be better informed than they are!
I believe there is a golden opportunity here.

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