Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Market Research and Open Innovation

The role of market research and collaboration becomes increasingly important when knowledge intensive companies  compete to achieve global success with new products and inventive problem solving.

The Biotechtouch Network is featuring multi-channel interaction for suppliers prospecting the use of new technologies for measurement, analysis, and control.


Picture: Remix GmbH, Helge V. Keitel, KK-Net, Finland (2013)

Innovative business communication plays an important role in facilitating interaction among problem owners and solution providers.

We are helping our clients in the process of learning how best to utilize the opportunities provided by intelligent use of open collaboration and highly targeted hyper-local activities, and  to ensure faster adaption of new problem solving applications.

We’ve developed and conceptualized ready-to-use problem solving formats, enabling rapid conversion of technologies and expertise from R&D to money making / saving process control solutions.

We provide a dynamic five step operating model to ensure a consistent weekly communication program:

S T E P S Attention Interest Desire Action
Monday Prospect Application Benefits Story
Tuesday Client Problem Solution Steps
Wednesday Profiling Partner Solution Supplier
Thursday Industry Success Provider Presentation
Friday Testimonial Experience Profits ROI

Cost-effective digital storytelling and multichannel distribution can be used  to educate and activate the use of new technical solutions fro optimized process control and management.

Surrounded by increasingly complex issues, we also advance the interaction between a multitude of solutions providers around the globe.

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